Tashkent Airport Survival Guide

No lift or escalator to take you from ground floor to the departure area which is on the first floor. The only way to go there is by steps.

In the duty free area, they accept only dollars, local currency is not at all accepted.

No restaurant inside the airport so better go prepared.

No internet inside the airport.

On Arrival

Arriving at Tashkent airport, expect AT LEAST one hour for immigrant, customs and for your luggage to arrive. There is no order to the immigration line, there are no lines, and everyone will try to nudge in front of you.

Be honest in filling the currency declaration in immigration form as you may be asked to show the declared currency!

You should NOT have to pay any money for any reason upon your arrival at the airport. Informing them you will contact your embassy will usually get you on your way (have the number ready before entering Uzbekistan).

Money Exchange

Dollar is not at all accepted inside the airport in area before the customs. Even credit cards are not acceptable. There are exchange counters in the airport, however often they are not open.

Advisable NOT to exchange money at the airport on arrival as you will get much better exchange rates in the “black market”. There are always money exchange men hanging around at entrances to markets in all the major towns/cities frequented by tourists. Those guys are perfectly “safe” and will give you much more Uzbek Sum for your US Dollars than you would get by exchanging at an “official” place. Do NOT exchange US Dollars for Uzbek Sum on arrival with the taxi drivers.

Taxi from Tashkent Airport

To save money, do not use the “official” taxi company, you will be charged four to five times what the fare should be. Instead after you walk out of the terminal, walk across the parking lot to the main road (2 minutes walking). There will be taxis waiting to take you anywhere for about 5000 to 6000 Sum ($2.5 – $3) which is a fair price at night. Do NOT pay any more than five dollars. Simply go the the next driver and make clear you will not pay that much. Always agree a price BEFORE getting in the taxi. Do NOT exchange US Dollars for Uzbek Sum on arrival with the taxi drivers.


No departure tax for Tashkent Airport.

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